Friday, October 26, 2007

My Lover

    I know no other kiss but His,
        The gentle drops of rain upon my lips.

His arms encircle me in the warmth of the sunshine,
    Holding me closely, tenderly, tightly.

    I am terrified, yet captivated, by the power of His wrath,
        Seen in the brilliant lightning, heard in the deafening thunder.

He glances at me through the beauty
    Of a drop of water on a pine branch, the stunning sunrise, the tiny twinkling stars.

    I feel Him finger the tendrils of my hair
        When the wind blows about me.

He breaks my heart with His longing for me,
    Glimpsed in the sensual light of the moon.

    I laugh at His smile,
        Which I see in the clouds flying by above me.

    He wraps my broken being close
        In the velvet blackness of the night.

Who is my Lover?

        You know; you've seen Him all these places.

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