Friday, August 08, 2008

spelt with an "e"

Even though I have never been to PEI, I am most excited about it.  I almost-- almost-- feel as if I am going home, as I will be visiting the haunts of someone who seems to be a very very dear friend.

This occurred to me while I was at work today, and I had to stop and question why I felt I knew Anne and her haunts so well.  I realized that it is because I have been absolutely devouring the Anne books in the last few weeks, and have been completely enveloped in them.

And I had to wonder-- is this how a believer is supposed to feel about Heaven . . . that she has read her Friend's story so much and so deeply that she cannot wait to see the places He has walked and spent so much time . . . that she cannot wait to see . . Him . . .?

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