Friday, November 18, 2005

The Bowl

Sitting here on the beach with you,
my eyes fly to the farthest horizon.
There is a longing in my soul to sail across the sea,
savor the wind whipping my hair,
see the waves beneath me.

The sand beneath me warms my toes,
as the breeze raises goosebumps on my shoulders.
I draw my legs to my chest and glance down at you.
Your eyes are shut, but today
I feel closer to you than ever before.
I pray this moment may never end, with you and me and the sand below our bodies and the sea before our faces and the sky above us like an overturned bowl, holding us close, bending above us lovingly.
My heart beats and I wonder if our pulses rise and fall in rhythm.
Strange, how I am right next to you, and yet can't reach out my hand and touch you.
For now, it is enough to hear your voice and know that this moment is mine to treasure forever, to pull out of my chest of memories and polish when the images dim in my mind.
We are brother and sister—today, tomorrow . . .

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