Wednesday, February 01, 2012

You see

There is a wild beauty to the names of God given Him by primitive tongues. When He met Hagar in the desert, and promised her that her son would not only survive, but thrive, what was it that so amazed her?

It wasn't the promise. It wasn't the meeting. It was something completely surprising.

He sees me. So floored by this, she called Him a name to reflect such awe.

L'chai Ro'i--the God Who sees.

No one told Hagar what to expect, or how God worked "in our time." Presumably, she wasn't deemed worthy of religious instruction. So when she encountered God, she was not disappointed, nor suspicious.

She was, however, exceptionally amazed.

He sees me.

In that one phrase, she cried a beautiful declaration of faith, of awe, of hope.

You are the God Who sees me.

May this be our cry.

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