Monday, April 16, 2012

to be affirmed

I felt it, deep in my bones, the voice saying,
     Yes, do this, it's for you.
         But I so mistrust my own hearing.

And then you, standing so close to me,
            engaging the conversation, turning to me,
                        shocked me with the question,
                   Do you want this?

           I do, yes, I said with truth.

And then you, touching my elbow with your fingertips,
           blue eyes shining in the sunlight,
                           floored me with the statement,
                I knew, as soon as I heard this, that it was for you.

           I was speechless in the face of your confidence.

   I wanted to ask you both.
            What is it about this,
                      about me,
              that makes you so sure it is right,
                           that I am right?

And then I realized
          it wasn't me
it was His voice;
      that was what made you sure.

  I was overwhelmed with gratefulness that
                 when I am weak
                           He sends me strong ones;
               when I am uncertain
                           He sends me sure ones;
         that He has placed us,
                   each one,
     exactly as He knew was best.

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