Monday, February 11, 2008

God Save the King

            Dorchester, July 22, 1776
To the editor of the ‘New England Chronicle’
After receiving and reading the July 18 issue of your Publication, I found it necessary to express my utter disapproval of the decision to include a Printing of the so titled ‘Declaration of Independence.’  Knowing of the publication of this Document some days past, I perused it with some interest, having decided beforehand to read with all the Fairness and Openness of mind I could muster.  Let me inform you, sir, I am neither Strengthened nor Inspired after reading this document.  Instead, I find myself thoroughly disgusted not only with its content, but with the audacity and shamelessness of its authors and signers.
To begin, this document purposes the destruction of our Beloved English systems of Religion and Trade.  To separate our Colonies from the Civil Authority of our Gracious King should only tear our Anglican Church away from its proper Foundation.  It is a boldfaced move to wrench the governing of the Church from the Rightful Ruling of the Archbishop and Authority of the Monarch, and to place it in hands undeserving.  Furthermore, such a split from the Mother Country should strike a grave blow to our Colonies’ current Trade and Economic Well Being.  Separation would lead us to forfeit any and all Trade we now enjoy with Her– a grave mistake, and one that must be of utmost concern to any Tradesman or Merchant.  It is, sir, absolute lunacy and blasphemy. 
Secondly, this document insists upon the Right of Man to overthrow and replace his Government whenever he so pleases.  The authors would shore up this claim with accusations that our Monarch has long abused his Power over us– nonsense, I say.  It is the Duty and Honor of Colonies of the Mother Country to support Her in Her time of need, and to do so Cheerfully and Willingly.  Whether this Support be given through taxes, housing of the Military, or other Contributions, as Citizens we are bound and blessed to fulfill this our Christian Duty.  Furthermore, I ask you, what are we told in the Holy Scriptures, but to Obey and Submit to all Authorities over us?  In his Epistle to the Romans, St. Paul does write, ‘Let every Soul be subject unto the higher Powers.  For there is no Power but of God: the Powers that be are ordained of God.  Whosoever therefore resisteth the Power, resisteth the Ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves Damnation.’  Let the authors of this perverse and rebellious ‘Declaration’ take to heart these words of Christ through the Apostle, and let them be warned of the ruin they claim for themselves, so that they may turn unto repentance and once again kiss the hand of our most Gracious Monarch.
As a closing point, call to recollection the ‘Commonwealth,’ as it was named, that was set up one-hundred and twenty-seven years past in our Mother Country.  This ‘Commonwealth’ purposed to be a long-ruling Republic under no Monarch, yet it lasted for fewer than thirty years.  The failure of this body of Government is a clear sign that no Authoritative Republic, or the even baser Democracy, or any form of Government which places all power in the hands of the Citizens, shall ever permanently endure.  This ‘Declaration,’ and its surrounding Rebellion as well, shall soon burn out its fury, and even its blasphemous, treasonous authors shall humbly restore their Loyalty to our Monarch, his Majesty King George III.
In the future, sir, I hope that your Judgment concerning the Publishing of such faddish documents in your Publication shall be much Improved.  May you as well receive the warning of St. Paul to the Romans and even unto us, and may you soon Repent of your poor decision in the Printing of such a thoroughly ridiculous document.

I do remain, Loyal Citizen of England, Subject of His Gracious Majesty King George III, King of Great Britain, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, etc., etc.

Francis M. Stewart, Esq.

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